My lecture and my classes are the expression of my desire to share my passion for this festive, gathering, and powerful, dance; and of my will to pass this choreographic legacy.

Audience: schools, dance companies, clubs, associations...



Checking what I intuitively discovered when I was dancing the Cancan, I undertook historical research about its origins to understand it in an intellectual way.
Interested by the social, political, and cultural background of this dance, I studied a plethora of written, iconographical, audio, and audiovisual documents. I fell in love with this dance from the people whom were its creators in 1830.

  • Perspective of the Cancan in its social, cultural, and political context from its birth to today.
  • Presentation of its steps and its figures.
  • Tribute to its mythical female and male dancers.
  • The Cancan as an inspiration for many artists.
How it works:
The lecture lasts around 1 hour with the possibility of having one or several dancers showing figures.




Enriched by my experiences as a soloist at the Moulin Rouge and as a choreographer, I offer: an introduction, an improvement, or preparation of auditions.

  • Characteristic warm-up.
  • Discovery of the steps and the figures.
  • Learning and Improving.
  • "Juponage" art (shaking the petticoat)



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