Les Canons du cancan


Depending on the length desired, the size of the stage, and the budget, I offer frenzied Chahut, a Cancan and a French Cancan:

  • Dynamite
    For the first time, the audience will be able to make the difference between Cancan, French Cancan, Galop, and Chahut.
  • A corps de ballet gathering the stars of the Cancan, with boneless contortionists: the Cancan Cannons.
  • Volcanic, theatrical, graphic, and spectacular choreographies.
  • An explosive cocktail
    Arrangements and orchestration are made by Didier Sutton. With instrumentation from the big band that recreates the diverse cancan-esque atmospheres. A suave and heady, burning hot punch, a river of flames as a wild rhythm, made of famous and unheard tunes from Jacques Offenbach and Franz Lehàr’s masterpieces.
  • Costumes made by Marie-Laure Furcy faithful to the Impressionists’ palette. Every costume is unique. Made of lace from Calais, the petticoats and the pants are as frothy as whipped cream.



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